Your solar installation quote, what it means and what to look for.

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Many homeowners who end up installing solar on their roof were likely at some point very confused by the “quote” that their installer presented to them.  Admittedly, solar can be confusing.  I spend my days immersed in the industry and I learn something every day, so it’s really no surprise that an average homeowner can be overwhelmed.  This blog post is designed to offer a quick glimpse into what to look for and how to decipher your quote.

If you’re looking at an ACE Solar quote…yay!  You’ve likely been given a pretty comprehensive glimpse into what solar can do and importantly what it will cost.  So lets break it down a little:

Equipment:  Your quote should include detailed specifications on panels and inverter(s) at a minimum.  Make sure that the you fully understand what the sales representative is showing you.

Price:  Your quote should have a “turn-key” price.  This is the all in price for the system, the equipment and installation.  Be sure it includes all permitting and paperwork as well.

Production:  Your quote should include a detailed breakout of what you can expect your system to generate.  Production will not only effect your savings from your electric utility, it will effect your SREC production.

Timeline:  If a project scope is not included on the actual quote, be sure to ask.  How long will it be before panels hit the roof? How long will the actual installation take?  It’s always beneficial to have a full understanding of what to expect.

Other:  Make sure your proposal clearly spells out what incentives you qualify for.  Be sure they are individually spelled out.  What are you getting from federal, state, local, etc?  Also be on the look out for the Utility Rate Escalator the representative used.  This is the assumption that companies make that your electric rate will continue to rise.  Do they have it set at something realistic or is it grossly overinflated?  This can make a HUGE difference.  With an average house and an average system the difference between 2% and 3% annual escalator can be over $10,000!

Also ask your professional what they used to calculate SREC values.  Some companies are averaging them out fairly and some are not.  BE SURE TO ASK!  To give you a guide, ACE Solar representatives are always conservative…we think that is the fairest and most honest way to be.

Going solar is great… we know that.  However, it can be confusing and overwhelming.  That is why it is critically important to have a trustworthy sales rep with the backing of an honest company.  Fortunately, ACE Solar has both!