Selling trust is not the same as selling solar; 3 things to look for from your solar company.

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There’s an old adage that “people do not buy from someone they like, they buy from someone they trust.”  This rings very true to me as I look at who I’m surrounded by here at ACE Solar.  Our sales team is the best of best, our engineers are most highly trained and our leaders are ethical and inspirational.  So why does this matter?

I have the pleasure of sitting with the sales team when I’m in the office.  I’ve known this team for years and we’ve ALL worked at other companies…TOGETHER!  When you have that kind of dynamic, you really get to know someone more than a casual office relationship.  For example, I can whole heartedly recommend ACE Solar to family and friends because I know what goes on here and how they will get taken care of.  I could not have said that about other companies.

The truth is solar is not easy.  There are hiccups and glitches and for the most part that is fine with our customers.  It’s how we handle these situations that differentiates us from the others.  The foundation of this philosophy is built on trust.  Our team builds trust with our customers and when that happens the experience is good for all.  So what can you do as a potential customer to see if our company is worthy of your trust?  I think these three things will help.

1)  When your relationship with a company first starts, pay attention the level of expertise.  In our opinion, and in our everyday practice, everyone who you will deal with at ACE is highly trained and knowledgeable.  Sure, I cannot answer detailed engineering questions but most of us can get pretty close.  With some companies, the focus is on “getting in the door” with the premise that somehow the salesperson will be able to win you over with charm.  The charm should start from your first touch with our company.

2)  Referrals.  Ask for them upfront.  Ask for them often.  A good sales person will have plenty and be happy to hand them over.  It’s funny, I used to think customers built trust with the company as much as the salesperson.  I don’t think this is true.  Customers build relationships with salespeople and guess what….those referrals will go to them wherever they are, not the company they were with.

3)  Follow-through.  I have a huge pet peeve when people don’t do what they say they will do.  We all have little computers in our pockets.  Use them.  You should be treated with respect and part of that is how we communicate with you.  ACE Solar’s employees will respond quickly and honestly…almost regardless of day or time.

These things are standard for any business but understand that solar is just like any home improvement project and it can be challenging.  That’s when you will want a company you can trust and yes, ACE Solar is that company.