Our Story

Since forming in 2015, ACE Solar has become one of the leading Solar Contractor/Developer firms in the New England area, with a team that has installed hundreds of systems from 2kW to 20MW. WE possess the experience that is needed to ensure your system is successfully implemented, operated and maintained. ACE Solar is a privately held company.

ACE Solar has years of experience in solar on landfills, brownfields, carports, roof-mounts, green-fields, schools and more. We are proud of the fact that we have been named the #1 solar EPC Contractor in Massachusetts two years in a row by Solar Power Worlds Magazine and in the top 100 contractors in the Country.

Project Team:

Our project team is one of the leading solar contractor/developers of PV systems in Massachusetts. Our project team consists of experienced, qualified individuals who bring years of experience to our projects. Over the last few years this project team has worked collaboratively on a large portfolio of PV projects, including numerous rooftop and ground mounted solar projects in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

We believe that our project team is uniquely suited to partner with our clients to help them achieve their goal of maximizing total energy cost savings, and to develop and construct a reliable, high performance solar array. Our team's breadth and depth of experience in Solar, and our proven track record of performance, is simply unmatched.


ACE Solar's team consists of some of the most qualified individuals in the industry. Our Massachusetts licenses include, Construction Supervisor License, Licensed Master Electrician, Professional Engineer, NABCEP Certification, Certified Solid Waste Third Party Inspector and many more. For a full list of licensees please see the individual resumes at the end of this section.

Safety Record:

At ACE Solar we take safety very seriously on all of our projects. This starts at the top with our Director of Operations and continues all the way through the entire company. Our safety policy starts with training. Every employee in the Operations Department has a minimum 10 hours of OSHA certification training. All of our project managers and supervisors hold a 30-hour OSHA Certification, and some employees hold a 40-hour HAZWOPR OSHA Certification. A job specific health and safety plan is implemented for all projects and we hold daily safety briefings and random safety inspections. This entire policy helps ensure the safest work environment possible. ACE Solar is proud of our safety policy and success. To date we have never had a reportable event. Our Recordable Incident Rating is 0 and our Lost Work Day Incident Rate is 0.