Commercial Services

ACE Solar is committed to providing the highest levels of client satisfaction, installation quality, and value to our customers. Every business has its own unique needs, and we are focused on providing customized solutions to meet the specifications of each business owner. With our combined decades of experience, the ACE Solar team is equipped to handle all aspects of your solar project from design to installation, and beyond with monitoring, operations, and maintenance services. We make finding the right solar solutions easy.


Our Operations and Maintenance team is dedicated to maximizing the return from your renewable energy investment. We offer customized service packages to ensure that your solar system is performing to your expectations and have the industry expertise to accurately forecast system production and prevent expensive issues from developing.

Our customized approach allows us to create a solution that works best for your business needs while maintaining the highest level of production. Whether that means partnering with your existing staff or providing a complete O&M package to minimize the burden on your work-force, we have the solutions to protect your investment.

We have a deep understanding of solar technology and will create a plan to meet manufacturer specifications and industry standards, maximizing the life of your system. Through this process we maintain equipment warranties and eliminate the potential of additional costs for replacement components. And, we have the expertise to identify when upgrades are necessary to ensure your system will perform efficiently and without issue for the foreseeable future.

Services Include:

  • Solar Consultation and System Planning 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Regularly Scheduled Inspections
  • IV Curve Tracing and Data Analysis Thermal Imaging and Analysis,
  • Module Cleaning and Maintenance,
  • Preventative Inverter Maintenance,
  • Torque Verifications on Entire Array,
  • Testing Over Current Protection Devices,
  • Site Maintenance (i.e. mowing ground mount systems)